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German Shorthaired Pointer

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Physical Characteristics

GermanShorthPtr wb.jpg Breed Group: \The German Shorthaired Pointer is a member of the Sporting and Gundog Group.

Weight: 55-70 lbs., male; 45-60 lbs., female

Height: 23-25 inches, male at withers; 21-23 inches, female

Color(s): The coat is solid liver or a combination of liver and white. Coat: The German Shorthaired Pointer wears a flat coat that is short and thick. The undercoat is dense. The hair is longer on the back edges of the haunches and underside of the tail.


Character: This active and independent dog expends a lot of energy. The German Shorthaired Pointer loves working, whether over field or in the water. This sensitive dog can be an obedient companion.

Country of Origin: Germany

History: In the 1600s this breed’s forerunner was a blending of breeds such as the Spanish Pointer and Hannover House. In the 1800s two Deutsch Kurzhaars started the line of modern shorthaireds. The introduction of the English Pointer further defined its style and ability as a hunting dog.

Name: German Pointer (Shorthaired), Deutscher Kurzhaariger Vorstehund, Kurzhaar.

Temperament: This breed has a friendly temperament, and is affectionate and intelligent.


Training: The German Shorthaired Pointer needs gentle training from an owner who is in charge. This breed should learn the difference between prey and other household pets. With training, this dog blends in with family life.

Activity: With a history of being a fine and able hunter, the German Shorthaired Pointer always needs plenty of daily exercise to help keep it at its mental and physical peak. Activities include hiking, playing, swimming, pointing, and hunting.

Ownership: This breed requires a confident, experienced and able owner/handler who can play one hour minimum daily. The dog needs to live inside a house with a yard. If this breed is not active, it may escape to exercise itself. A frequent cause of death is being hit by a car. The German Shorthaired Pointer has great watchdog ability. Although this breed loves human interaction, be aware that it may be too rough for small children. Some dogs bark or whine a lot. With a life span of 10-14 years, this breed should accompany one consistent owner through lifestyle transitions.


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