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German Pinscher

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group: The German Pinscher is a member of the Working and Terrier Group.

Weight: 24-25 lbs.

Height: 17-20 inches at the withers

Color(s): The German Pinscher is commonly black and tan. Other colors include fawn, and blue and tan, red, stag red (with black hairs).

Coat: The German Pinscher sports a short, close lying coat that is dense, glossy and smooth.


Character: The fearless German Pinscher is energetic, docile and loyal. This breed has a sense of humor. With its hunting instinct, this dog is quite determined.

Country of Origin: Germany

History: The German Pinscher may have originated from the seventh-century German Birbarhund. As a descendant of the herding and guarding breeds, this dog worked as a farmer’s vermin hunter. In the 1600s, the Black and Tan Terriers helped this breed develop into the Rattenfanger, the forerunner of the Standard Pinscher.

Name: Deutscher Pinscher. Sometimes known as glatthaariger Pinscher or “Waveless Haired Pinscher”

Temperament: If socialized, the German Pinscher can be friendly and playful. This highly intelligent dog with developed senses can sound the alert to strangers. This breed can become bored easily.


Training: With its tendency to fight, this breed needs firm handling. The German Pinscher has a quick aptitude for training. The owner needs to let the dog know that growling at humans is unacceptable.

Activity: This high-energy breed loves lots of activity and running in open spaces. With a background in hunting, the German Pinscher can hunt for hours. Activities should stimulate both the mind and body.

Ownership: The German Pinscher makes a fine watchdog and vocal guard dog. This breed barks loudly to announce visitors, and then calms down. Owners should show leadership skills. Owners should not consider this dog if small children are in the house. This defensive breed can protect and bite before thinking. The German Pinscher requires a tight-fenced yard, but must not remain outside alone. This dog will supervise housework, garden work and go to bed with the family. Be aware that the German Pinscher, without firm control, might take over the house. This breed has a life span of 12-14 years.


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