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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Gundog group.


Approximately 55 pounds or 25 kg.


21.5-24 inches (55-61 cm) at the withers.


French Spaniels are white and brown with some patching or spotting. Possible shades of brown range from cinnamon to dark liver.


The French Spaniel has a silky, dense coat that is slightly wavy on the chest and behind the neck. The coat is also long and wavy on the tail, at the back of the legs, and on the ears.



French Spaniels are very intelligent dogs that make great hunters and excellent companions. Courageous and enthusiastic, these dogs work well on both land and in water. These gentle dogs are also great house pets.

Country of Origin:



This ancient breed has roots stretching back to the 1300's and has been widely documented in writings and works of art. Although widely used by bird and game hunters, the French Spaniel nearly died out in the early nineteenth century. However, the breed was revived and the first standard was established in 1891. Today, this breed is extremely rare outside of France and has low numbers even within France, despite the breed's revival.


This breed is also known as the Epagneul Français.


French Spaniels are very even-tempered, calm, and persistent dogs. This breed is also very people-oriented and becomes deeply attached to family members. French Spaniels are gentle dogs and are great with children.



French Spaniels respond best to positive reinforcement and require firm training from a gentle handler.


This highly active breed needs to run and exercise every day.


French Spaniels are not suitable for city life, as they are bred for living in the country and require lots of daily exercise and plenty of room to run. These excellent pets are great with children and become very attached to their owners. However, French Spaniels don't like to be left alone. This breed requires grooming twice a week as well as regular, attentive ear care.


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