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French Bulldog

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Physical Characteristics

French Bulldog.jpg

Breed Group: The French Bulldog belongs to the Mastiff and AKC Non-Sporting Group.

Weight: The French Bulldog should weigh a maximum of 28 lbs.

Height: A good proportion is height at the withers to distance from withers to onset of tail. Approximately 12 inches (30 cm).

Color(s): The French Bulldog’s coat is commonly brindle (nearly black), fawn, or white. Coat: This breed’s smooth, short coat is moderately fine and brilliant. Its softness is a pleasure to touch.


Character: The alert French Bulldog is curious, active and playful. This breed even seems to have a sense of humor when it clowns around with its companion.

Country of Origin: The French Bulldog originated in England and later became popular in France.

History: The French Bulldog originally breeded in England as a miniature English Bulldog. This breed often caught rodents. During the 1860’s France imported this dog that was bred with the French Terrier. Notable owners include the Russian Royal Family and artist Toulouse-Lautrec.

Name: Bouledoge Francaise (Frenchie)

Temperament: The gentle and affectionate French Bulldog needs close human contact. This breed is adaptable and well-behaved. Its energy level can range from hyperactive to laid back. Be aware that as both a bull and terrier breed, some French Bulldogs may be aggressive.


Training: Early training both patient and consistent will benefit the French Bulldog. Housebreaking may be a problem. Never hit or jerk its leash.

Bold textActivity: The French Bulldog needs regular daily walks. Although it can play outdoors for a long time, this breed cannot live outdoors. Be aware that this top-heavy dog probably cannot swim. Be cautious around pools or other bodies of water. This dog likes to hunt mice.

Ownership:This pleasant companion requires social contact at home, whether with families, singles or the elderly. The French Bulldog gets along with both strangers and animals. Carefully supervise children with this pet. This breed can accept apartment life in a cool climate, but should not be ignored. With its health problems, the French Bulldog can bring many expensive vet bills. Be prepared for a high maintenance dog. Research what disorders the breeder is testing. The French Bulldog can live 10-12 years.


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