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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group: The Finnish Spitz is a member of the Northern and AKC Non-Sporting Group.

Weight: The Finnish Spitz weighs 31-35 pounds (14-16 kg).

Height: The Finnish Spitz stands 15-20 inches (38-51 cm) at the withers.

Color(s): The Finnish Spitz sports a shaded red-gold coat that varies from pale honey to chestnut. With its pale and soft undercoat, the dog seems to glow.

Coat: The Finnish Spitz has a fox-like look and a double coat. The soft undercoat consists of short dense hair. The straight guard hairs are harsh and stiff and measure 1-2 inches. The hair on the head is short.


Character:The intelligent Finnish Spitz has refined behaviour. This loyal and curious breed is often protective. The Finnish Spitz is quite vocal and will bark whether to call every visitor or event.

Country of Origin: The Finnish Spitz migrated from Central Russia to present Finland, where it is the National Dog of Finland.

History:About 2,000 years ago, the Finnish Spitz accompanied hunting tribes from the Volga River area to Finland. The Finnish Spitz played various roles from camp followers to watchdogs to hunting dogs.

Name: The Finnish Spitz is also known as Finsk Spets “Barking Bird Dog” of Finland, and Suomenpystykorva “Finnish Cock-Eared Dog.” Its nickname is Finkie.

Temperament:The Finnish Spitz can be brave, independent and stubborn, yet follows orders well. The Finnish Spitz follows a dominance hierarchy with some males being aggressive. While devoted to one person, the Finnish Spitz exercises caution with strangers. This alert and active breed that vocalizes very well can make a good watchdog.


Training:Training a Finnish Spitz requires a soft voice and touch. Short, consistent sessions handled with patience and understanding will likely help. Some breeds are prized for their barking qualities, quite suitable for a watchdog. Yet the active, barking companion can annoy neighbours.

Activity:The Finnish Spitz requires much exercise, whether romping in a fenced yard or jogging. As a hunting dog in Finland, the Finnish Spitz locates a bird and barks.

Ownership:With a life span of 12-15 years, the Finnish Spitz can make a good estate or family pet. As a breed noted for its barking, the Finnish Spitz will not make a quiet companion. The Finnish Spitz can live inactively in an apartment provided that the owner ensures plenty of outside exercise. The Finnish Spitz makes an affectionate and attentive pet that needs social contact. When around other dogs, the Finnish Spitz may seem shy/aggressive. This clean breed tolerates a cold climate. The Finnish Spitz loves eating and may suffer from weight problems. The Finnish Spitz is also manipulative and may even train its owners.


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