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Estrela Mountain Dog

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group (AKC), Guardian group (UKC).


Females weigh approximately 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg) and males weigh approximately 88-110 pounds (40-50 kg).


Females are 24.5-27 inches (62-68 cm) and males are 25.5-28 inches (65-72 cm).


Standard colours for Estrela Mountain Dogs include different shades of yellow, fawn, and wolf grey. Both solid colours and parti-colours are allowed by most kennel clubs.


The Estrela Mountain Dog can either have a long or short coat, although the short-haired variety is now extremely rare. The coat of this dog is also thick and somewhat coarse and can either be smooth or wavy.



Estrela Mountain Dogs are devoted protectors and working dogs. They are very courageous, tough, and energetic. These dogs are calm around their owners and make great family companions as well as excellent guard dogs.

Country of Origin:



While the exact history and origins of the Estrela Mountain Dog are not known, this breed is likely the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula. A descendant of the Asian molussus, this breed originated on Serra da Estrela mountain where it was primarily used to protect flocks. The standard for this breed was established in 1934 and today Estrela Mountain Dogs are used as herders, guard dogs, police dogs, and companion animals.


The Estrela Mountain Dog is also known as the Portuguese Shepherd and Cão da Serra da Estrela.


Estrela Mountain Dogs are suspicious and even aggressive toward strangers and make excellent guard dogs. These animals are very protective of their family and property but are friendly around children. Estrela Mountain Dogs also have a stubborn streak.



Due to their stubborn nature, Estrela Mountain Dogs require firm yet gentle training beginning at a very young age.


These dogs are very energetic and require plenty of exercise as well as lots of room where they can run.


Estrela Mountain Dogs are not suitable for urban living as they require plenty of open space where they can run around and burn off their energy. Although suspicious of strangers, these dogs are good with children and are excellent family companions. This breed requires regular grooming and brushing.


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