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English Toy Spaniel

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:



8 – 14 pounds


? inches


The following colors/color combinations are possible:
Solid red
Black and tan
Red and white
Black, white, and tan


The English Toy Spaniel has long, wavy and silky coat with some feathering. While regular brushing is required to avoid matting, it is relatively easy to maintain for a long haired breed.



The English Toy Spaniel has a dignified personality despite the small size. While playful and merry, English Toy Spaniels are quiet and gentle dogs, unlike many other toy breeds which tend to be boisterous. They can be a little reserved and shy at first, but once they warm up they are loving and affectionate companions.

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom


The English Toy Spaniel shares a common origin with its close cousin, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They were bred as companions for the royal family and members of nobility, dating back to the Renaissance era. They were later crossed with Asian breeds, resulting in their shorter snouts.


Outside of North America, the English Toy Spaniel is known as the King Charles Spaniel.


English Toy Spaniels have merry, pleasant dispositions that make them great companion dogs. They are shy around strangers. They usually will bond with one person, and do less well in a large household; therefore, they are especially favored by singles and the elderly.



English Toy Spaniels can be a little stubborn, and trainers will have to work with them gradually. Sudden introduction into a new environment or a new routine can be stressful for them. They are willing to please, and can be trained once bonded with their owners.


English Toy Spaniels need only small amount of exercise. Playing in a small fenced-in yard and a stroll in the neighborhood are usually sufficient. They should not be let off-leash unless in a fenced area.


The English Toy Spaniel is a relatively low-maintenance breed, and can easily live in an urban environment. In old age this breed may be prone to knee and cardiac problems. Otherwise English Toy Spaniels are generally healthy, cheery companions.


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