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[[List of dog breeds]]
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Dutch Smoushound.jpg


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Terrier group.


Approximately 20-22 pounds (9-10 kg).


Approximately 14-16.5 inches (35-42 cm) at the withers.


Dutch Smoushounds come in various shades of solid yellow, with dark straw being the most preferred shade for show dogs.


Dutch Smoushounds have long coats of harsh, straight fur that tends to be slightly shaggy. A moustache, beard, and long eyebrows are also characteristics of this breed.



Dutch Smoushounds are intelligent and rambunctious dogs. With their friendly and charming personalities, these animals are a joy to have around and are very easy to care for. Sensitive and affectionate, Dutch Smoushounds are wonderful family companions.

Country of Origin:



While the exact origins of this breed remain unknown, it's likely that Dutch Smoushounds are at least partly related to German Schnauzers. Particularly popular in the Netherlands during the nineteenth century, these dogs were kept as gentlemen's companions and as stable dogs. The Dutch Smoushound nearly went extinct during the Second World War and attempts to revive the breed after the war were mostly unsuccessful. However, during the 1970s, Mrs. H.M. Barkman was successfully able to recreate the breed through selective breeding. Although the breed is now quite stable, it's still very rare outside of the Netherlands.


Additional names for this breed include Hollandse Smoushound and Hollandse Smoushondje.


Easy-going and even-tempered, Dutch Smoushounds are adaptable animals. Cheerful and eager to please, these dogs get along well with children, cats, and other dogs.



Since Dutch Smoushounds are intelligent and eager to please, they are quite easy to train. However, consistency is important, otherwise these dogs may try to take advantage of their handler.


Although quiet around strangers, Dutch Smoushounds are fairly lively and rambunctious with family members and familiar people. These dogs have a moderate to high exercise requirement.


Dutch Smoushounds are wonderful pets and family companions. These dogs can live in apartments as long as they receive sufficient daily exercise. This breed particularly enjoys swimming and long walks and also loves participating in dog sports with its family members. These charming indoor dogs prefer cooler climates over warmer ones and require weekly grooming.


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