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Dog Smooth Muscle Tumor

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Dog Smooth Muscle Tumor


Smooth muscle tumors can be benign (leiomyomas) or malignant (leiomyosarcomas). These tumors arise in a dog’s smooth muscles. This is the muscle that makes up the dog’s bladder, uterus, GI tract, skin and blood vessels.


Leiomyomas are usually small and encapsulated. Those that appear in the female dog’s vagina or vulva usually require removal of the ovaries and uterus. This type of tumor is hormone dependent.


Leiomysarcomas are apt to appear anywhere in the dog’s body. Most commonly, they appear in senior dogs and can metastasize to other internal organs. The rate of metastasis for tumors in the liver is 100%. Those within the abdominal cavity have a 50% metastasis rate and those on the skin or subcutaneous do not generally metastasize. Surgical removal is the recommended treatment for leiomysarcomas. Survival rate for intestinal tumors is far greater than some of the other locations. Those that appear in the liver have no chance of survival.

Prognosis for intestinal leiomysarcoma

If the dog survives the surgery, their prognosis is quite fair. They may have Dog Anemia, polydipsia (frequent urination due to diabetes isipidus) or hypoglycemia in association with the tumors. Dogs in which liver involvement is found, such as Dog Liver Cancer during surgery are euthanized during surgery.

Pain in Dogs with cancer

Any dog that has any type of Dog Cancer is apt to experience Dog Pain as well. The pain can arise from the disease itself or from the treatment. Surgery takes recovery time. There will be pain during the recovery. Your vet will probably prescribe pain medicine that should be administered before noticeable signs of pain arise. By keeping your dog comfortable you are enabling their little body to better heal itself.

Your dog may also attempt to hide the signs of pain. This is a protective mechanism that goes back to the days before domestication. The best way to assess the pain in your dog is by keeping close track of their behavior. If their activity level decreases or they seem to be avoiding interaction with you and have a Dog Loss of Appetite, the chances are good that they are in pain. They will also have a tendency to lick or scratch the affected area.

Tumors of the kidney and bladder as well as the esophagus, colon, rectum and Dog Stomach Tumor are very painful. All of these areas can have leiomysarcomas.

The importance of maintaining good nutrition in your dog with cancer

Severe Dog Weight Loss with cancer is quite common. This is especially true in dogs with cancer of the digestive tract. Part of this is loss of appetite and part because the nutrients are not absorbed as they should be. Other reasons are problems chewing and swallowing.

Malnutrition in your dog with cancer

Your dog's quality of life is greatly diminished when they cannot eat enough to maintain a satisfactory nutritional status. Their immune system can become compromised which will decrease their ability to recover. It can result in delay of healing after surgery and lack of interest in normal activity. Low levels of protein are especially damaging to dogs that are in the healing process.

Consultation with your veterinary oncologist and a Dog Cancer Diets plan that is high in protein, easy to digest and full of Dog Cancer Dietary Supplements is vital for your dogs health.

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