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Dog Kidney Tumor

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Dog Kidney Tumor

Thankfully there are some types of tumors which do not affect your dog that much and kidney tumors are one such form form. This type of Dog Cancer is very uncommon in dogs and very few do suffer from it, if they do then they can continue to live with one kidney. Thankfully if their remaining kidney is working well then they will survive. They can continue to have a perfectly healthy lifestyle and live for a long time.

Kidney function and tumors

Your dog has two kidneys and they are the essential functioning organs to filter waste through his body. The kidneys maintain the correct levels of minerals, salts and water in the body and are very important. Although they are very important to your dog, surprisingly they can survive with just three quarters of one kidney. If your dog does get a kidney tumor it will be one of two different types; it may be a tumor which has grown in the kidney or one that has spread there.

Signs of a kidney tumor

Some breeds are more prone to Dog Kidney Disease other ones and male dogs are more likely to have this form of cancer than female dogs. If your dog is displaying blood in their urine and has a Dog Loss of Appetite, then they may have a tumor. They will also have an Dog Increased Thirst and want to drink all of the time; they will also subsequently experience Dog Increased Urination and will need to urinate more than before. You will also notice that their temperament has changed and that they exhibiting Dog Aggression and do not want to be touched and petted. You know your dog better than anyone else and will know if they are under the weather and unwell.

Diagnosis of kidney tumors

Your vet will want to do blood tests and take x-rays to determine if your dog does in fact have a tumor. An x-ray will clearly show what is wrong with your dog and the blood works will determine if the blood and urine are normal. These tests will show if your dog's kidneys are functioning as they should be. While your vet is doing the x-ray they can also check that all of your dogs other organs are in good condition. Having your dog regularly checked out by your vet is essential as they will be able to detect problems early. Often the vet can tell if there is something wrong with your dog before you do and often the quicker they are diagnosed then the outcome is better.

Treatment and surgery

If your dog has a kidney tumor there are different treatments that they can have, however surgery is the best. If your dog is young and healthy then the kidney with the tumor will simply be removed and your dog can begin aftercare. Once at home they will need to be monitored to ensure that the remaining kidney is coping well. In nearly all cases the infected dog will continue a normal life with one kidney. Very rarely the tumor will return and infect the other kidney but this is very rare and will need another form of treatment for the Dog Kidney Disease. Dog Cancer Dietary Supplements and other herbal supplements should be administered to the dog in order to help keep their health up.

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