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Dog Giant Cell Tumors

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Dog Giant Cell Tumors

Giant cell tumors or histiocytomas are accumulations of histiocytes. Histiocytes are WBCs that are in the connective tissues of the dog’s body. They play a vital role in the defense of the immune system responses. They will surround infectious materials and debris from the cells. A histiocytoma is a Dog Tumors that contains too many histiocytes.

A histiocytoma is usually a benign growth. There are documented incidences of malignant histiocytomas. These contain fibroblasts as well as histiocytes. Fibroblasts are found in the connective tissue of the dog’s body and are important in the healing of wounds.

Signs and Symptoms

Although giant cell histiocytomas are primarily found in cats, they can also be found in dogs as well. Initially there may be a firm tumor in the fatty layer of the skin. If your dog shows a Dog Loss of Appetite followed by a rapid Dog Weight Loss, you should bring it to the attention of your vet as soon as possible. Your dog will appear to be experiencing Dog Lethargy as well.


Your veterinarian will start with ruling out other issues prior to establishing a course of treatment. However, there are other conditions that can cause histiocytomas.

Dog Fibrosarcoma is a tumor located in fibrous tissues. These are malignant.

Dog Chondrosarcoma is a tumor that is found in cartilage

Dog Liposarcoma is developed in the fatty cells

• Peripheral nerve sheath tumors

A biopsy of the mass will be done and a histiological exam will be performed. There will also be x-rays and after all testing is done, treatment will be planned for your dog.

Treatment Options

If the tumor is large or has metastasized, Dog Cancer Chemotherapy can be used and is helpful at times. The greatest chance for successful removal is to remove the tumor surgically. In cases that involve joints and limbs, it may be necessary to amputate your dog’s limb. It will depend on the effect that the tumor is having on your dog’s affected limb.

Chemotherapy will have an assortment of side effects that have to be dealt with at home.

Home Care

This is truly a case where comfort counts. You and your veterinarian need to communicate at length. You will need medication to counteract the side effects of the chemotherapy and help keep your dog comfortable. Side effects will vary depending on the chemotherapy agents used.

During a course of chemotherapy, your dog may have a poor appetite. It is important to maintain adequate nutrition. There are special commercially prepared diets that have the extra nutrients necessary to keep your dog healthy. You should provide your dog with adequate Dog Cancer Dietary Supplements.

If your dog has had surgery the operative area needs to be observed for swelling and infection. One thing that will help the area heal is keeping your dog as pain free as possible. This will help to prevent your dog from licking and/or scratching the area of surgery.

If you notice any changes in your dog’s operative area or your dog’s behavior, you should not delay in contacting your vet. You should not attempt to take matters into your own hands. Be sure that you administer any antibiotics that may have been ordered, exactly as they were prescribed. Lots of love and attention along with a healthy diet will help your dog to a full and speedy recovery, as well as following Dog Palliative Cancer Care guidelines.

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