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Dog Constipation

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Dog Constipation (Constipation in Dogs)

Constipation in dogs occurs if there is infrequency or incompletion of bowel movements or if the stool will not release from the intestine. Constipation causes retention of moisture into the body causing the stool to be gray to whitish in color upon expulsion. By itself, this issue is rarely a serious condition, however, if accompanied by other symptoms it can be extremely dangerous for your dog and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible.

Signs and Symptoms

If your dog is experiencing constipation, it can generally be easily fixed by applying a simple laxative to their food or administering an enema using an appropriate sized suppository. If this condition is left untreated, severe complications could arise that can even result in death. Luckily, by exercising your dog daily and ensuring they consume a balanced Dog Diet, constipation is rarely an issue. If your dog lives an inactive lifestyle, almost all their body functions, including their bowel movements will be sluggish.

In instances of rectal obstruction, Dog Vomiting and Dog Diarrhea usually ensue. Because of the severe repercussions of persistent expulsion from both ends, it is of utmost importance that your dog goes straight to the emergency room as both these symptoms can cause Dog Dehydration and possibly death. Inflammation of both the stomach, resembling Dog Swollen Abdomen, and intestine, for example, not only cause excruciating pain for your dog, but also can cause irreparable damage to the organs themselves.

Treatment Options

An ideal remedy for constipation in dogs with the ordinary symptoms, is to stop feeding them any food products that will induce regular bowel movements. Feeding them milk, cereal, or cooked rice with chicken broth are excellent diet alternatives to their normal feeding schedule. It is important to withhold meat as this will attribute to the continual movements of the bowel and can cause irritation and a general relapse into constipation.


In some cases, if you continue to ignore the symptoms and let your dog consume their normal diet, impaction can occur. This condition results in a hardened stool being stuck in the intestines and thus it cannot pass through and will have to be medically removed. Because of this impaction, the dog cannot eat and will continuously strain to pass this hardened mass to no avail. This condition is so dangerous due to the toxic absorbance that can occur back into the intestines causing poisoning and even death. Dizziness, drowsiness and depression concurrent with a high temperature are all signs of this autointoxication. It is very important that you contact your veterinarian because such impaction can cause a paralysis of the dog’s hind legs and ultimately, death.

Constipation is generally not a severe diagnosis but it can be very uncomfortable for your dog. If you notice persistent symptoms it is always wise to adjust your dog's diet so their digestive system can sustain normalcy. If you ever question the length or severity of this condition, contact your veterinarian for help.

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