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Dog Bleach Poisoning

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Dog Bleach Poisoning

A bottle of household bleach.

Some things that are used on a daily basis in the home can be potentially lethal to dogs. Bleach is one of the top household chemical poisonings in dogs. Although the household bleaches are fairly mild to moderate, they will affect both the esophagus and the mucous membranes very quickly. Seldom will a dog consume enough to be toxic because it will cause nausea rather quickly.

Signs of Toxicity

If your dog consumes enough to become toxic they will begin Dog Vomiting, have painfully sore throats, excessive drooling and have severe abdominal pain. Their hair in the region of their mouth and/or their paws may become very light in color from being bleached. If enough fumes were inhaled, you may notice that your dog has Dog Difficulty Breathing and Dog Coughs because of the pulmonary irritants in the bleach. Dog Seizures, tremors and stumbling may also occur from the fumes and the body’s reaction to the bleach.

Your quick actions for Treatment

Do not promote vomiting at this time. The vomiting can cause increased respiratory issues and some of the substance can be absorbed in the lungs. Give your dog water or milk to begin the dilution process. If it is the skin that has been exposed, wash the area thoroughly and rinse well. Call your vet immediately and follow their directions. You may also want to look up the number of the animal poison control to get their advice.

Generally a dog will not ingest too much bleach because the taste is so unpleasant. It is still important to talk to a veterinarian and see if there is anything you need to do and plan on going to the vet quickly. It could save your dog’s life.

Your vet will give your dog large amounts of milk and water. Monitoring for further effects such as breathing difficulties, skin reactions, Dog Vomiting or abdominal pain will continue overnight. If you cannot afford such care, you may want to call the local ASPCA or other shelters to see if they have a vet on staff that can help you out.

Check your phone book for Vet listings and learn about possible assistance from a veterinarian. Ask prices, you may be surprised at how affordable a veterinarian can be. Also look up each veterinarian on the Better Business Bureau as well as online reviews of the office if you do not have a vet yet.

Prevention of possible bleach poisoning

Truly the old phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", fits into this situation. Keep all household liquids out of reach of your dog and you will be at ease about letting your dog roam freely in your home. Protect your dog as you would a curious child. It is because of the curiosity of your fur covered child and their need to explore that demands toddler proofing of cabinets. Dogs can be very inventive when they see or smell something they want. If there is any way to get to it, they will find it.

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