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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

Working/Utility/Guardian Dogs


Male: 75 – 100 pounds
Female: 60 – 85 pounds


24 – 28 inches


The most common colors are black, and black-and-tan. Red is also possible.
Blue (diluted black) and fawn (diluted red) colors are less desirable and are not accepted in international showings.


The Doberman Pinscher has short, coarse coat.



The size and presence of a Doberman Pinscher can be quite overwhelming, which makes this breed ideal guard dogs. Contrary to this fear-inspiring image, a well-bred, well-socialized Doberman Pinscher is not aggressive unless provoked, and can be an excellent house pet and companion. The loving and loyal quality of Doberman Pinschers is often overlooked; while they do work well as guardians, viciousness is not part of their nature.

Country of Origin:



The Doberman Pinscher was first developed in 1890s, by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann.
This breed is believed to be a mix of large breeds such as German Shepherd Dog, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Greyhound, etc.


This breed is named after the original developer. Doberman and Dobermann are both accepted spellings for the name of this breed.
The Doberman Pinscher is commonly known as “Doberman,” “Dobe,” or “Dobie.”


Despite the large size and fearsome physical presence, the Doberman Pinscher is a gentle and loving dog. If properly trained and socialized, Doberman Pinschers are not aggressive and can live happily with children, other dogs, even other pets such as cats. Their guard dog instinct does means that they occasionally become aggressors, but only when they truly believe that themselves and their families are in danger. They are intelligent, devoted, and protective toward those who have bonded with them.



Early socialization and training is required for this breed, otherwise they may be excessively aggressive and become uncontrollable. They are highly intelligent and respond well to obedience training. As with any dog breeds, training sessions should remain positive and harsh treatments will produce a fearful dog who is prone to attack.


Doberman Pinschers are highly active, and require lots of exercise.


Proper training and early socialization are very important with this breed. Responsible owners should always remain in control of their dogs, and try to avoid stressful situations that may provoke aggression. A healthy Doberman has a life expectancy of about 10 years.


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