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Cretan Hound

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Unrecognized by the major kennel clubs.


Approximately 44-66 pounds (20-30 kg).


Females are at least 19 inches (50 cm) at the withers and males are at least 27 inches (60 cm) at the withers.


Common colours include white, cream, grey, black, fawn, and brindle. Cretan Hounds can also be bi-coloured or tri-coloured.


The Cretan Hound has a very short coat with a brush of longer fur on its tail.



Cretan Hounds are very elegant and aristocratic animals. They're are also very gentle and affectionate, and make great companions. Cretan Hounds are also polite and energetic dogs.

Country of Origin:



This ancient breed originated on the Greek island of Crete at least 3500 years ago. These dogs were used by the Minoan civilization for tracking and hunting and have a very strong hunting and chasing instinct. Although highly admired in its native country, this breed remains unrecognized by any of the major kennel clubs.


This breed was named for its place of origin, the Greek island of Crete. Kritikos Ichnilatis is an additional name.


Cretan Hounds are wary of strangers but are also very tolerant and curious dogs. Cretan Hounds can live harmoniously with other pets but love to chase and hunt animals that don't be along to its own family.



As intelligent animals, Cretan Hounds are quite easy to train, especially for hunting and tracking.


Cretan Hounds are very energetic and require lots of exercise.


This breed is not suitable for apartment living as it requires plenty of open space where it can gallop and play. Cretan Hounds also require plenty of daily exercise. These dogs are relatively healthy and easy to maintain and have an average life span of 10 to 12 years or more. Cretan Hounds are friendly and gentle animals that do very well as family companions.


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