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Colorpoint Shorthair

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Colorpoint Shorthair.jpg


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Shorthair Group.


7-9 pounds.


Colorpoint Shorthairs grow to an average size and have elegant bodies.


Numerous colors are accepted as standard for Colorpoint Shorthairs, including cream, red, blue lynx, lilac lynx, chocolate tortie, and seal tortie.


Colorpoint Shorthairs have short, glossy coats of fine hair.



Playful and inquisitive, Colorpoint Shorthairs are happy companions. These cats are very warm and loving and will bond deeply with every member of the household. Colorpoint Shorthairs are also active athletes that like to keep busy.

Country of Origin:



This breed was developed in England during the 1940s by crossing Siamese cats with American Shorthairs, Abyssinians, and other shorthaired cats. Now, after several decades of developing this breed, Colorpoint Shorthairs are known for their leggy and angular appearance. Most registries consider Colorpoint Shorthairs to be included in the Siamese breed.


Named for their coat length and coloring. Also known as the Colorpoint, Colourpoint, and the New Color Siamese.


Colorpoint Shorthairs have rather quirky dispositions and are sensitive cats. This breed loves to be around people and likes to get involved in whatever their owners are doing. Colorpoint Shorthairs love attention and are quite vocal.



Colorpoint Shorthairs are intelligent cats and are relatively trainable.


Colorpoint Shorthairs are very active cats. They love to play and are always on the go.


Colorpoint Shorthairs thrive on attention and affectionate from their family members, so they do best in households where they can receive plenty of both. These busy cats love to play and to be involved in whatever their owners are doing. Colorpoint Shorthairs also love to cuddle and are very accepting of all human family members and other pets. While its best to brush Colorpoint Shorthairs regularly, their coats are quite easy to maintain.


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