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Clumber Spaniel

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group:

Sporting/Gun Dog


55 – 85 pounds (35 – 38.5 kg)


17 – 20 inches (43 – 51 cm)


Predominantly white, with orange or lemon markings.


Clumber Spaniels have dense, silky coats of medium length. The coat needs to be brushed frequently, and trimmed every two months to avoid matting and entanglement.



The Clumber Spaniel has been described as “the gentleman’s gun dog.” While they are originally hunting dogs, they are more laidback and reserved than other hunting breeds, and are said to have a dignified disposition. They are affectionate with their families, and are great companions to have around the house.

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom


There are several theories regarding the origin of this breed. One theory is that it originated from France before coming to England. Another theory purports that it was developed within England by crossing hunting spaniels with Bassets or St. Hubert’s Hounds.


The name of this breed came from Clumber Park, a country park in Nottinghamshire, England.


Affectionate and loyal, Clumber Spaniels get along famously with children and the elderly. Their gentle and reserved personality makes them calm and content with being indoors. They are also said to be very curious and creative, which lead to many tales of Clumber Spaniels raiding kitchen cabinets and closets. They can be aloof with strangers, and early socialization is needed for puppies to become friendly adults.



Clumber Spaniels can be stubborn, and positive reinforcement works best when training them. They are determined and single-minded, so immediate reward or praise after desirable behaviors will help them understand what is expected from them. Puppies are sometimes prone to submissive urination when they are excited; punishment will only worsen this behavior, so avoiding over-stimulation and vigilance are the ways to go. They do outgrow this behavior, so be patient.


Clumber Spaniels tend to be lazy, and will become obese if left on their own. Owners must ensure that they get their daily walks to keep them fit.


This laidback breed can be happy in country homes or city apartments given that they can get their daily exercise. Hip dysplasia, entropion (inwar-turning eyelids) or ectropion (outward-turning eyelids) are some health issues that owners should look out for.


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