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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

The Chantilly/Tiffany is a member of the Longhair Group.


6-12 lb. (2.5-5.5 kg.)



The coat was originally rich chocolate, but also includes cinnamon, blue, lilac and fawn with a range of colors and tabby patterns.


The Chantilly/Tiffany sports a medium or semi-long single coat that is fine, lustrous and silky.



This sensitive cat is quite loyal. With its conservative nature, the Chantilly/Tiffany is not too placid or active.

Country of Origin:

U.S.A. and Canada


This breed has roots in both the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S. in the 1970s, Jenny Robinson purchased two semi-foreign longhaired chocolates cats. A Florida breeder later purchased their kittens. In Canada during the 1980s, a longhaired semi-foreign chocolate gave birth to kittens that helped re-establish this rare breed.


Foreign Longhair. Later known as Tiffany, referring to a Los Angeles theatre. Not to be confused with the British Tiffanie. Chantilly was adopted later.


This affectionate cat is gentle and close to its favorite human. When happy, the Chantilly/Tiffany may chirp. This breed is conservative with strangers.



Like a dog, some cats can learn to fetch. The Chantilly/Tiffany can respond to its name.


The Chantilly/Tiffany enjoys its time with children and other pets.


This sensitive breed is a great companion cat that loves its humans. The Chantilly/Tiffany may follow a favorite person around the home. This cat is compatible with children and other pets. This breed is not as demanding as some cats. Taking care of a Chantilly/Tiffany is relatively easy. Owners should be aware their cat may be lonely if left alone for too long, as when the owner leaves for work. Another cat may be a great companion.


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