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Cat Joint Support

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Cat Joint Support

Why Do Cats Need Joint Support?

Just like humans, cats have to take care of their bones and joints as they age or issues like Cat Arthritis can occur. By providing their cats with the proper nutrients and supplements, cat owners can keep their cat's healthy and maintaining freedom of movement and the best quality life while in their senior years, as part of Cat Senior Care.

Understanding the Skeletal System

Without a strong skeletal system, cats can have a number of issues as they age. The skeletal system on cats is similar to that of humans: bones meet at the joints and these joints allow an animal flexibility in their movements; allowing them to jump, walk, sit, stretch, run and more. To help protect the joints, cartilage acts as a shock absorber, and helps prevent grinding and wearing away caused by bones in the joints rubbing against each other. Of course, over a lifetime, the joints are subject to a lot of pressure and degenerative joint disease, or arthritis can occur.

Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints and it destroys cartilage, taking away the natural cushioning found between the joints. Stiffness is often an early sign of arthritis in both cats and other domesticated animals. Cat Limping, reluctance to move, problems climbing stairs and decreased activity may also occur. A number of issues can cause arthritis - some like genetics are unpreventable. Cat Hip Dysplasia for instance can be caused by genetic factors that cause the joints to weaken over time.

Other causes of arthritis, however, are often within the power of cat owners to treat. Cat Obesity, for example, puts a lot of extra stress on the joints of cats and can cause arthritis. By not overfeeding their cat, obesity can be prevented by the cat’s owner. If cats are already obese, cat owners can discuss calorie restriction options with their veterinarian. Exercise is also vital to joint health and by promoting daily exercise, cats improve joint mobility to reduce the damage caused by arthritis, exercise will also help overweight cats to burn more calories.


Anti-inflammatory medications are efficient at reducing the inflammation caused by arthritis and thereby reducing the pain for suffering cats. Supplements designed for joint support are one of the best methods of giving cats a little extra protection against joint damage. Two of the most important ingredients found in joint support formulas is glucosamine and chondroitin, together these ingredients work together to create cartilage. Creatine, an amino acid that supports muscle growth is often found in joint support formulas to prevent muscle loss.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), a form of sulfur used in supplements and perna mussel, a shellfish, are usually included in joint support products to stimulate cartilage production. Such products also tend to stimulate the production of strong bones and tendons and reduce joint degeneration.

Joint support formulas are safe for cats. Using a formula designed specifically for cats is the best option. Formulas may also differ depending on the size and breed of your cat.

Professionals often recommend administering joint support formulas at the first signs of arthritis and other joint issues in cats. These formulas can be safely taken for the remainder of your cat's life.

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