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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Caravan Hound.jpg


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Hound group.


65-75 pounds.


23-29 inches (55-74 cm) at the shoulders.


Caravan Hounds come in all different colours and colour combinations.


Caravan Hounds have short, smooth coats.



Caravan Hounds are very intelligent dogs. While not friendly or outgoing, these dogs will become very devoted to their owners when treated kindly.

Country of Origin:



The Caravan Hound is an ancient breed that originated in the Deccan Plateau region of western India. A direct descendant of the Saluki, the Caravan Hound still looks very similar to its ancestors and is extremely rare, if not non-existent, outside of India. This breed is recognized by the Kennel Club of India and the Indian National Kennel Club.


This breed is also known as the Mudhol Hound, Karwani, Lahori Pashmi, Pashmi, and the Pisuri Hound.


Reserved and aloof with strangers, Caravan Hounds don't like to be touched by anyone other than their owners. They have a strong hunting and guarding instinct and require early socialisation to prevent aggression.



Caravan Hounds require early socialisation and training by an experienced handler in order to prevent aggressive and hostile behaviour.


These dogs have a high activity level and a high exercise requirement.


Caravan Hounds are not suitable for apartment life and should ideally have access to a large and enclosed yard. These dogs prefer tropical climates and require protection from cold, damp weather. Caravan Hounds don't like to be left alone or crated for long periods of time and like to be considered as members of the family. Proper training and socialisation at an early age are very important for this breed.


No breeders listed at this time.

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