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California Spangled Cat

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California Spangled Cat.jpg


Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Shorthair Group.


12-16 pounds.


California Spangled Cats grow to a medium size as compared to other cats.


California Spangled Cats come in a wide range of different colorings with dark spots. Some common base colorings for these cats include gold, silver, bronze, red, charcoal, blue, and brown.


The coats of California Spangled Cats are short and sleek.



California Spangled Cats are affectionate and lovable animals. These intelligent cats are curious and sociable and are experts at making their owners quickly fall in love with them. California Spangled Cats are also very athletic and are natural acrobats.

Country of Origin:



During the 1970s, writer and animal advocate Paul Casey was on a film shoot in Africa. While there, he was distressed to learn of the death of one of the last remaining local leopards at the hands of poachers. Inspired by this event and by anthropologist Louis Leakey, Casey developed the California Spangled Cat to resemble wildcats such as the leopard and the ocelot. This new breed was created by crossing several different types of domesticated cats. Developed during the 1980s, the first California Spangled Cats were featured in a Neiman-Marcus catalog and helped to raise money for the preservation of wildcats.


Named for its state of origin (California) and its characteristic spotted coat.


California Spangled Cats become deeply attached to their human family members. These cats are very sweet-natured and like to keep an eye on everything that's happening. California Spangled Cats have strong hunting instinct and like to pounce and play.



California Spangled Cats are very intelligent and quite trainable.


These active cats like to play, especially when their human owners are involved.


California Spangled Cats are excellent companions and they love to be involved in whatever their owners are doing. Loving and affectionate, it's hard not fall for one of these cats right away. Their coats require minimal maintenance but these cats like to receive plenty of attention and affection. Due to their rarity, California Spangled Cats are hard to get and are quite expensive.


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