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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group.


90-130 pounds (41-59 kg).


24-27 inches (61-69 cm) at the shoulders.


Standard colorings include black face markings with a red, brindle, or fawn body.


Bullmastiffs have short, smooth coats.



Bullmastiffs make very loyal loyal and protective companions. They tend to be very affectionate and loving toward their family members. These dogs are also fearless and courageous animals.

Country of Origin:

Great Britain.


The Bullmastiff originated in Great Britain during the 1800's as a result of crossing Bulldogs with Mastiffs. Originally used by gamekeepers to catch poachers, these dogs were bred for aggression, agility, and courage. Rather than biting their prisoners, Bullmastiffs would typically knock poachers over and keep them pinned down until the gamekeeper arrived on the scene. This breed was recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1924 and by the American Kennel Club in 1933.


Also known as the Gamekeeper's Nightdog.


Bullmastiffs are generally gentle dogs with a good temperament. They are loyal and protective dogs that are cautious of strangers and often don't get along with other dogs. However, Bullmastiffs do typically get along well with children, although their size makes them a potential danger around small kids.



While not the most intelligent breed, Bullmastiffs can be trained to follow basic commands. Early training and socialization are very important.


Bullmastiff's are not the most active dogs, but they do require daily walks. Many Bullmastiffs enjoy activities such as tracking and agility.


While most Bullmastiffs do get along well with children, it's necessary to teach them at a young age to respect children. Also, due to their large size, these dogs are not suitable for homes with small kids. Bullmastiffs are typically indoor dogs that enjoy spending time with their family members. These animals should never be left to roam unsupervised and should be well socialized at an early age. Bullmastiffs are not ideal for first-time dog owners because of their size and assertiveness.


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