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Brazilian Terrier

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Terrier group.


Approximately 15-20 pounds (7-9 kg).


Approximately 14-16 inches (36-41 cm) at the withers.


This breed is tri-coloured with white as the predominant colour typically accompanied by black and tan, although blue and brown are also permissible.


The Brazilian Terrier has a short and smooth coat that lies close to the body.



Brazilian Terriers are restless, perky, and active dogs. Similar in personality to Jack Russell Terriers, these dogs love to play and bark. Brazilian Terriers are spirited and intelligent, and are very friendly and loving with family members and children.

Country of Origin:



While the Brazilian Terrier is one of only two dog breeds native to Brazil, its ancestors originated in Europe. These ancestors, likely Jack Russel Terriers, were transported to Brazil from Europe during the 1800's. The Brazilian Terrier has existed for hundreds of years and is quite popular in its native country; however, this breed is very rare outside of Brazil and was only registered in 1973.


Additional names for this breed include Fox Paulistinha and Terrier Brasileiro.


Brazilian Terriers are wary of strangers but gentle with family members and other familiar people. These dogs are strong-willed and determined, yet can be trained to be obedient.



This breed requires firm training from an experienced handler.


Brazilian Terriers are very energetic and frisky. They require plenty of exercise and activity to keep them happy, healthy, and under control.


Brazilian Terriers are excellent ratters, watchdogs, and trackers. They are also very playful and loving companions. These dogs are not suitable for apartment living as they are very active indoors and should at least have access to a good-sized yard. Brazilian Terriers require plenty of exercise and activity to keep them happy and to prevent them from becoming destructive. This breed lives approximately 12 to 14 years and requires relatively little grooming.


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