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Brazilian Mastiff

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Molosser group.


Females weigh at least 40 kg while males weigh at least 50 kg.


Females are 60-70 cm at the withers while males are 65-75 cm.


Brazilian Mastiffs come in many different solid colours as well as brindle with somewhat dark streaking. For show purposes, solid white, black, tan, blue, and mouse-grey are not permissible. These dogs also sometimes display a black mask.


The Brazilian Mastiff has a short and thick coat of soft fur.



Brazilian Mastiffs are very courageous dogs that can be trained to be very calm and obedient. This breed is very loyal and is devoted to protecting family members, including children and other domesticated animals.

Country of Origin:



It is believed that the Brazilian Mastiff developed from crossbreeding Brazilian dogs with scenthounds, mastiffs, and bloodhounds transported to Brazil by conquistadores in the 1600's. Originally this breed was primarily used on large plantations and for tracking escaped slaves and fugitives, but it later gained popularity as a guarding and cattle drivering breed. The Brazilian Mastiff was officially recognized for the first time in 1950.


This breed is also known as the Cão de Fila and the Fila Brasileiro.


Brazilian Mastiffs are known for their self-assured, fiery temperament. Naturally aggressive toward strangers, these dogs are very protective of their families and are excellent guard dogs. Brazilian Mastiffs form strong bonds with their owners and are tolerant of children when properly trained.



Brazilian Mastiffs require firm training in order to prevent excessive aggression and to promote calm and obedient behaviour.


These dogs are very active and require plenty of open space as well as regular exercise.


Due to their self-assured temperament and natural tendency toward aggressive behaviour, Brazilian Mastiffs are only suitable for confident and experienced dog owners. When properly trained, these dogs are protective and tolerant of children. Brazilian Mastiffs are not suitable for city life or for busy households where non-family members come and go frequently. These dogs require plenty of open space as well as daily exercise.


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