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The strong body is long.

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

The Birman is a member of the Semi-longhaired Group. Category I, Established (TICA Standard).


10-18 lb. (4.5-8 kg.)


The strong body is long.


Kittens are born with a white coat that deepens. Some coats develop a warm tone, others a cool tone, that can include pale fawn to cream or bluish white. Point colors can include seal, blue, chocolates, lilac, cream, red. The Birman wears white gloves on its front paws, and white laces on its back legs and feet.


The medium to long coat is abundant and silky. No undercoat.



This intelligent cat wants to investigate. The Birman can get into mischief. Males can be talkative, but with a quiet voice.

Country of Origin:

Western Burma and France


The Birman often lived in temples or royal households. The legend of this Sacred Cat of Burma has roots in a temple dedicated to a golden goddess with sapphire eyes. When the temple was raided, a white cat put his paws on a slain priest. The cat’s coat transformed from white to golden and its eyes turned to sapphire, the colors of the goddess. The cat’s paws remained white. The temple cat inspired the surviving priests who then attacked the raiders. A hundred other cats also transformed in color.

A temple cat of Burma (Myanmar) came to France as a gift in 1919. In the 1940s the Birman almost suffered extinction, but revived through some outcrossing.


Sacred Cat of Burma. Sacred Birman.


The affectionate Birman has a good temperament. With its placid nature, this breed is friendly and reserved.



The Birman needs plenty of stimulation. If your cat sits on a countertop or sneaks out, a gentle swat with newspaper may be all that is needed. Never hit a pet.


The Birman loves to be touched. This breed enjoys exploring. When investigating your household, this cat may get into mischief.


Owners with a family or multi-pet household will be a great match with the Birman. This breed loves company and is compatible with other cats and animals. This loyal cat has a tendency to follow humans and get underfoot. The Birman has a quiet voice and likes to chat. They take an interest in their surroundings.


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