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<htmltitle name="Balinese Breed Information | Balinese Kitten Breeders" />
<htmltitle name="Balinese Breed Information | Balinese Kitten Breeders" />
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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
'''Breed Group:'''  
'''Breed Group:'''  

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Physical Characteristics

Balinese cat.jpg

Breed Group:

The Balinese is a member of the Semi Longhaired (Longhaired Siamese) Group. Category I, Established (TICA Standards).


2.5-5 kg. (6-11 lb.)


The Bslinese has a medium-sized body.


The coat is pale on the body. Point colors include seal, chocolate, blue and lilac.


The Balinese wears a medium-long (semi-longhaired) coat that is soft and fine. This flowing single coat with hairs ½-2 inches long lies flat close to the body. The tail looks like a tapering plume.



This sociable cat gives an impression of elegance and refinement. The inquisitive Balinese is curious about household items.

Country of Origin:

United States


In the U.S., longhaired kittens bearing a Siamese coat pattern with a silky texture were born. Many kittens appeared fluffy. Ms. Marion Dorsey of California bred cats as the Longhaired Siamese. After protests by Siamese breeders, these cats became known as Balinese because their movement seemed like exotic Balinese dancers.


Balinese refers to exotic Balinese dancers. Sometimes known as Javanese in the U.S.


This energetic cat has an adventurous spirit that likes to be where the action is. The Balinese can make great escape artists. Its tubular body allows contortion. This cat likes to chat, and often engages humans in conversation.



The playful Balinese can learn how to retrieve.


Provide both mental and physical stimulation for this very active cat. With a high energy level, the Balinese wants to keep busy with its humans. This cat likes to sit on laps or lie across people’s shoulders. Having another cat as a companion would help.


The loyal Balinese is quite attached to its family. Owners should be aware that this sociable cat needs company all day. If a lone occupants leaves his home all day, this would not be a good arrangement for the cat. As the Balinese is compatible with other cats, a second cat would provide great company. This talkative pet can be noisy. Owners should prepare meals of raw chicken wings and diced raw meat.


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