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[[List of dog breeds]]
[[List of dog breeds]]
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Herding group.


35-75 pounds (16-34 kilograms).


18-23 inches (43-58 cm).


Four acceptable colorings -- black, marbled grey and black (blue merle), red, and marbled red and silver (red merle).


This breed has a weather-resistant double coat of medium length.



These dogs are very intelligent and highly active. Generally, they are very loyal and affectionate, although sometimes the animal's working instinct may overshadow the qualities that would make it a good family companion.

Country of Origin:



Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd was actually developed in the United States during the 19th century. It is believed that the predecessors of this breed were brought to America by Basque immigrants. Stabilized in the early 1900s, this breed was soon recognized by Canadian and Mexican kennel clubs, although it went unrecognized by the American Kennel Club until 1993.


Australian Shepherd, Aussie.


Australian Shepherds are diligent, reliable workers. Eager to please, these dogs love to be a part of daily activities.



Australian Shepherds are very intelligent and have a high learning rate. These are great dogs for obedience competitions.


These dogs are extremely active and energetic. Without sufficient exercise and stimulation, Australian Shepherds can become destructive.


Australian Shepherds generally make very loving and friendly companions. They need to have a job to do in order to prevent them from becoming destructive. These dogs like to spend plenty of time with their owners and will often demand attention. Australian Shepherds require proper training in order to prevent them from becoming overly protective of their owner's possessions.


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