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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Shorthaired Group.


3.5-6.0 kg.


Australian Mist cats grow to a medium height.


The coat of an Australian Mist often has a ticking, spotted or misty pattern. There are seven different possible colorings for these cats -- brown, chocolate, caramel, blue, gold, peach, and lilac.


Australian Mists have short, glossy coats.



Less independent than other cats, Australian Mists are excellent companions. They are lively, fun-loving felines that enjoy playing and curling up in their owner's lap.

Country of Origin:



The Australian Mist originated in Sydney, Australia in the 1970s. This breed was developed by crossing domestic shorthair cats with Abyssinians and Burmese cats. This breed was officially recognized in 1986 and now some Australian Mists are also present in other countries such as New Zealand and the United States.


Previously known as Spotted Mist, this breed was officially named Australian Mist in 1998 to account for marbled coats as well as spotted coats.


Australian Mists are people-lovers and get along well with children and other pets. These cats generally don't mind being handled and don't tend to scratch people. Australian Mists are very easy-going and love attention.



As long as a scratching post is provided, your Australian Mist can be trained not to scratch furniture or curtains.


Australian Mists are very lively as kittens, but they do tend to become less active as they age.


Australian Mists do very well in households with young children and make great indoor pets as long as they are provided with toys and play time. These cats like to have company, either feline or human, and typically live into their mid or late teens.


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