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Asian Semi-Longhair or Tiffanie

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

The Asian Semi-Longhair (or Tiffanie) is a member of the Semi Longhaired (Asian Group).


8-14 lbs.


Medium build.


The coat may of any Asian Shorthair or Burmese colors or patterns. In Australia, the coat is silver base with a band of color on the end of strand of hair.


This breed sports semi-long hair that is fine and silky. Longer hair appears at the ruff. This breed has a flowing plume-like tail.



The intelligent Tiffanie is fun-loving. They may be quite demanding.

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom.


An experimental breeding program in the U.K. during the 1980s involved the shorthair Burmilla. In Australia, the breeding of a Chinchilla Persia and Burmese also produced silver kittens known as the Australian Tiffanie or Longhaired Burmilla. This name later shortened to Tiffanie. This breed should not be confused with the American Tiffany.

Name: Tiffanie. Longhaired Burmilla.


This affectionate, playful cat takes traits from each of its parent breeds. Some Tiffanies may be outgoing, while others are laid back. These high energy felines are sensitive to their owner’s feelings.



Some cats can be clicker trained. They can learn to walk on a leash.


This energetic cat loves to fetch and play other games with its family. If it has a sibling companion, they will entertain each other. Kittens might get into mischief. Provide a scratchpost and toys.


The Tiffanie is devoted to humans. They suit apartment dwellers, families and single people, and take well to other pets. If kittens damage furniture or other belongings, be prepared to discipline with a firm voice. This cat can stay home alone and watch TV. A secured garden will help prevent your pet from sneaking into vehicles and riding away.


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