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American Pit Bull Terrier

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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Terrier Group.


Females weigh approximately 30-50 pounds and males weigh approximately 35-60 pounds.


8-22 inches.


All colours other than merle are acceptable. Colourings can be solid or patched.


American Pit Bull Terriers have glossy coats that are short and stiff.



American Pit Bull Terriers are outgoing and intelligent animals. Curious and a bit goofy, these dogs can make very sweet and loyal companions for experienced dog owners.

Country of Origin:



This breed was originally developed from bull/terrier mixes that arrived in America from England during the early nineteenth century. Although originally created for bull-baiting and then dogfighting, when these activities were outlawed American Pit Bull Terriers were then bred as pets and working dogs. The United Kennel Club was the first association to officially recognized this breed.


Comment nicknames for this breed include Pit and Bulldog.


When properly socialized and well treated, these dogs have joyful dispositions. Eager to please, American Pit Bull Terriers love to receive attention and affection from humans. This breed can also be stubborn and tends to display aggression toward other dogs.



American Pit Bull Terriers are intelligent but strong-willed. It's very important that these dogs receive proper socialization and obedience training at an early age. These dogs should be trained by an experienced trainer with firm, but not harsh, techniques.


American Pit Bull Terriers are quite active and tend to be bouncy and playful.


This breed is not ideal for inexperienced or novice dog owners. However, for those with proper experience and who can provide the required socialization and obedience training, American Pit Bull Terriers can make very loyal and sweet pets. When properly socialized, these dogs are typically not a threat to children but can still be dangerous around toddlers as a result of their size and playfulness. Sometimes American Pit Bull Terriers display aggression towards other dogs.


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