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Alaskan Malamute

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No breeders listed at this time.
No breeders listed at this time.
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Physical Characteristics

Breed Group:

Working group.


Between 75 to 85 pounds (34 to 38 kilograms).


Between 23 to 28 inches.


Alaskan Malamutes come in a variety of shades, including black and white, grey and white, sable and white, red and white, or even completely white.


This breed has a thick double coat. The outercoat is coarse, while the undercoat is woolly. The coat is of short to medium length.



Alaskan Malamutes are friendly, affectionate, and independent dogs. They prefer to be outside rather than inside and can be loyal, playful companions.

Country of Origin:

Alaska, USA.


Alaskan Malamutes originated in northwestern Alaska. Originally used as sled dogs by the Malamute Inuit, this breed was included as a show breed in 1935 by the American Kennel Club.


Alaskan Malamutes were named for the Malamute Inuit people of Alaska, who used these animals as sled dogs.


These dogs are very intelligent but stubborn. They have a friendly nature and are loyal but independent companions.



Since Alaskan Malamutes tend to be very stubborn, they can be difficult to train. However, they are highly intelligent.


Alaskan Malamutes are working dogs and have a high level of activity. They can be quite playful and prefer to be outdoors.


Alaskan Malamutes are friendly and affectionate animals that can easily be companions to more than one person. As a result, they do well in multiperson households. These animals require plenty of exercise and outdoor space.


No breeders listed at this time.

List of dog breeds

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