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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group: The Aidi belongs to the Flock Guard Group.

Weight: An Aidi can weigh 55 lbs (25 kg).

Height: An Aidi stands 21-25 inches (53-63.5 cm) tall.

Color(s): The Aidi’s coat can have a variety of colors, with white being quite common. Other coat colors include tawny, black/white, faded red and black.

Coat: The Aidi’s coarse, dense coat often has a length of 6 cm. This thick coat offers protection from the elements, whether from the heat or the cold. The coat over its powerful, muscular body is a great defence against attacking jackals or other predators of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Aidi’s nose and lips are black or brown.


Character:As a flock guard, the Aidi is alert, powerful and vigilant. The Aidi with its watchdog abilities protected nomads and herds of sheep and goats from intruders and predators. Note that the Aidi is not a herd dog that guides the animals. The Aidi has keen trailing and hunting abilities.

Country of Origin: The Aidi are believed to have originated in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in North Africa, and possibly in the Sahara.

History:In Morocco, the Aidi often protected nomads or semi-nomadic people and their belongings. As a flock guard dog, the Aidi defended sheep and goats from jackals and other predators. For hunting, the Aidi sometimes partnered with the Sloughi: the Aidi, with its good scenting ability, trailed the prey while the Sloughi chased the prey down.

Name: In Morocco this flock guard dog is known as Aidi or “Chien de l”Atlas” in Morocco, home of the Atlas Mountains. In Algeria, the Aidi is known as the Kabyle Dog.

Temperament:The Aidi is energetic, loyal and affectionate. With its bold bark, the Aidi can be quite fearless while defending against intruders. The Aidi makes a good watchdog.


Training:Firm training for the Aidi is in order.

Activity:The Aidi with its powerful and agile body requires much exercise, preferably in a large space. With respect to its history of defending humans and animals from predators, the Aidi needs plenty of activity. The Aidi should not suffer from inactivity.

Ownership:With its loyal nature, the Aidi can make an obedient watchdog. The Aidi is affectionate and quite attached to humans. With its high energy and demands for plenty of exercise, the Aidi is not suitable as a passive household pet. For owners who share a high level of energy and can take on the job of keeping the Aidi fit, the Aidi can be a strong and faithful companion.


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