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== Physical Characteristics ==
== Physical Characteristics ==
'''Breed Group:'''   
'''Breed Group:'''   

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Physical Characteristics


Breed Group: The Affenpinscher belongs to the Toy Dog group.

Weight: The Affenpinscher weighs approximately 7-8 lbs or 3-3.5 kg.

Height: With a height ranging from 9.5 to 11.5 in. (24 to 29 cm), the Affenpinscher has a compact, square appearance.

Color(s):The Affenpinscher comes in a variety of colors, with black being most common, as well as grey, silver, red, black and tan or beige. Black coats can have a rusty tinge, while red coats can range from brownish red to tan.

Coat: The Affenpinscher’s rough coat is dense and wiry-haired with a one-inch length. Their shaggy hair that requires weekly combing offers some protection from vermin and weather conditions.


Character: Although the Affenpinscher is compact, it is an active and tough dog. Historically, the Affenpinscher’s agility made it ideal for catching and killing rodents in Europe.

Country of Origin: Germany is often cited as the original home of the Affenpinscher. However, there is a hint of obscurity about its exact origins.

Bold textHistory: In 17th-century Central Europe, the Affenpinscher killed rats in stables and mice in homes. This breed may have been the progenitor of wire-coated toys. The Affenpinscher also played a role as lapdogs in family homes.

Name: The German “Affen” means monkey, and “Pinscher” means terrier. The French also call the Affenpinscher “Diablotin moustachu” or moustached little devil.

Temperament: The monkey-like characteristics of this dog that can climb can be delightful. The Affenpinscher likes to keep busy and show affection. This curious and inquisitive playmate can also be stubborn and territorial with food and toys. Although the Affenpinscher is usually quiet, it does like to bark and act as a watchdog if put on the defensive.


Training:Housebreaking an Affenpinscher may be a problem. Consistent, firm training and perhaps a variety of training for this pet may be in order.

Activity:The Affenpinscher requires supervision and can be easily injured, perhaps seriously or fatally. Indoor games and yard activities coupled with short walks on a leash are great exercise for this breed. Do not let the Affenpinscher live outside. Comb its coat two or three times per week.

Ownership:With its affectionate and lively nature, the Affenpinscher can be a fine family pet. Be aware that its territorial and sometimes manipulative nature would not be suited to small children. The Affenpinscher can be a playful and entertaining addition with a lifespan of 14-15 years.

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